Bitcoin’s SegWit Alone is Outnumbering All Bitcoin Cash Transactions

On March 22, BitMEX Research published a follow-up article to its September 2017 analysis on Segregated Witness (SegWit) transactions compared to Bitcoin Cash, and the results aren’t good for big block supporters. Transacting Users Prefer SegWit Bitcoin Cash was created as an alternative coin with bigger blocks unlike Bitcoin’s Segregated Witness (SegWit) block weight optimization

Tennessee Passes Bill Recognizing Smart Contracts and Blockchain Transactions

Regulation The governor of Tennessee has signed a bill into law that recognizes “the legal authority to use blockchain technology and smart contracts in conducting electronic transactions.” The new bill also “protects the ownership rights of certain information secured by blockchain technology” under state law. Also Read: Hydro-Quebec Turns Down New Applications for

New ICO Prepares to Disrupt Banking Industry With Inclusive Mobile Payment Solutions For The Unbanked

DESTO, the innovative mobile blockchain financial technology company, announces its forthcoming ICO. Their mission is to blaze a new trail within the financial world, by offering “cashless commerce” underpinned by blockchain technology. Wilmington, Delaware, March 23, 2018, The core purpose of DESTO’s unique, accessible and inclusive payment alternatives is to provide financial enfranchisement to the

Lightning Publisher for WordPress Turns Content Creators Into Publishers

Blockstream has announced Lightning Publisher for WordPress, the company’s second new Lightning App (LApp) meant to test its new micropayment processing system for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Be Your Own Publisher In an announcement made on March 23rd, Blockstream — a leading provider of blockchain technologies — revealed its second new Lightning App (LApp). The Lightning Publisher

PR: Triggmine – AI, Blockchain, and Email Marketing – the Newest Mix in the Crypto World

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