Venezuela Shuts Down Two Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Regulation The government of Venezuela has taken action against two cryptocurrency exchange operators in the country. Both of them allow customers to convert between a number of cryptocurrencies and bolivars and send remittances abroad. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Operation Paper Hands The Venezuelan government’s “Operation Paper Hands”

Blockchain Technology Adoption could Kickstart Cashless Economy in the U.S.

Rod Garratt, a former Fed executive believes blockchain technology will soon kickstart a full-blown cashless economy in the United States. Cashless economy implementation has been a decidedly difficult task due to gross mistrust of the government by the American people. Garrett, however, believes that blockchain technology might hold the key to actualizing a truly cashless

Taiwan Set to Introduce Strict Cryptocurrency Regulations to Combat Money Laundering

Taiwan is set to become the latest country to introduce clearly defined cryptocurrency regulations. The new crypto regulations are being designed to combat money laundering activities in the country. Anti-Money Laundering Cryptocurrency Regulations Qiu Taisan, the Justice Minister of the country says the laws should be in place by November 2018. He made this known

ICO (re)Evolution: Clarity Is Still Needed

Last year was huge for ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) though they’ve continued to come under increasing scrutiny as they lack definition and regulation. While they’ve taken a big hit this year, they do offer a real purpose that has gotten lost in the noise and confusion surrounding the term. A lot of people mistakenly believe

What Happened to China’s Lone Bitcoin ATM?

China once had a bitcoin ATM, back when the country actually allowed cryptocurrency trading and the yuan dominated all other fiat currencies in the global bitcoin market — but what happened to it once the country banned bitcoin? A Lonely Survivor China’s lone bitcoin ATM no longer operates in the restrictive country, but that doesn’t