Just How Big Will The 4th Pillar Be?

The 4th Pillar is out to solve Europe’s (and the world’s) workforce-related issues by upgrading the human resources industry — but how big can the company become? Let’s examine the market and analyze the project’s growth expectation. The State of the HR Industry Today Currently, there is a significant lack of workforce in Europe. It

Bitgrail Exchange Ordered Down Indefinitely as Italian Court Upholds Halt

News Earlier this month, Bitgrail’s principal Franceso Firano attempted to reopen the Italian cryptocurrency exchange after $170 million in losses and during their legal sorting out. An inside job or software hack, that hasn’t had an official determination, and fingers are still pointing between the exchange’s charismatic operator and crypto devs. International heavy law firm

There’s a Bitcoin Themed Card Game On Kickstarter Called ‘Bitcon’

News There’s a new card game called ‘Bitcon’ that’s been introduced on Kickstarter that allows people to experience the cryptocurrency investment fever for amusement and laughs. The strategy game was created by two cryptocurrency investors who were tired of hearing about people doing unbelievable things like selling their home or using their student loan money

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Rumour Has It…

Bitcoin price action continues to slide in favor of bears as the cryptocurrency dips below $8,000 for the second time in 7 days and a bear reversal is clearly in play. Market Overview ‘Rumour has it Bitcoin won’t see 10k anymore’ would serve as a suitable alteration to the chorus of Adele’s mega-hit, ‘Rumour Has