South Korea’s Financial Services Commission Announces Creation of Cryptocurrency Division

South Korea’s Financial Services Commission recently announced a “major organizational reshuffle” to help protect consumers and adapt to changing financial innovations. Part of the reorganization includes a new division to oversee the cryptocurrency sector. The government of South Korea has taken a relatively careful and considered approach towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology over the last

Swiss Regulators Engage Banks to Prevent Exodus of Cryptocurrency Ventures

Switzerland’s financial market supervisor, FINMA held discussions with the country’s bankers’ association and the Swiss National Bank (SNB), on how to improve cryptocurrency ventures’ access to banks. This is in response to the exit by some crypto-enterprises that are opting to move their business to other territories. Switzerland the Crypto-Nation According to Reuters, Swiss regulators have been

Big-Name Insurers Stepping Up Their Crypto Game

Finance A growing number of big-name insurers are getting into the crypto space. They are exploring new product options in this area and meeting with cryptocurrency custodians and trading platforms about coverage. However, exclusions can add up fast for crypto businesses and premiums can be more than five times that of a normal business. Also

Bitcoin is ‘Not an Investment … It’s a Trade,’ Says Billionaire Howard Marks

Howard Marks, co-founder and co-chairman of Los Angeles-based distressed debt investor Oaktree Capital Management, slammed Bitcoin for not having any substance — while saying investors are merely speculating on its price without being able to judge its intrinsic value.  ‘It’s Not an Investment’ Marks took part in CNBC’s eighth annual conference for institutional investors –

Bankers & Politicians

Today is the day. Out of all the meetups, conferences, and hearings that we’ve seen regarding the future of money over the last year, IMHO none are as critical as the decision expected from India’s supreme court today. Like several other places in the world, the Indian government is now working hard to form their

Major Bitcoin Traders Join Forces to Lure Big Institutional Investors

Bitcoin traders are gladly remarking that Bitcoin’s price trajectory has been positive for the last five consecutive days, without significant pullbacks. Now that Bitcoin’s winter seems to be over, Bitcoin trading firms are joining forces to entice big institutional investors into the vibrant cryptocurrency market. New Price Indices for Bitcoin and Ether For many, Bitcoin’s

Ukraine’s Financial Stability Council Supports Crypto Regulatory Concept

Economy & Regulation Ukraine has taken a positive step towards legalizing cryptocurrencies. A new regulatory concept, one that recognizes coins and tokens as financial instruments, has won support from the members of the country’s Financial Stability Council. The body includes representatives of the National Bank, the Finance Ministry and other government agencies. Also read: Minsk