Most Privacy Coins Aren’t That Private

Privacy Privacy coins are meant to be private. That’s their raison d’être. Strip away the privacy, and they simply become altcoins, and dangerous ones at that, with the potential to deanonymize their users and expose their secrets. A number of recent reports have cast doubt on the privacy features offered by coins

Why ICOs Should be Thanking Twitter, Facebook, Google for Banning Crypto Related Ads

Twitter, Facebook, and Google – three of the technology giants that permeate our daily lives – have now banned or restricted cryptocurrency related advertising. Could this now offer an opportunity for credible coins, ICOs, and blockchain companies to push ahead of their less legitimate competition? An ICO Advertising Free-for-All Before the recent bans, anyone could advertise

Bitcoin Mining Training Coming to 30 Cities in India

Featured An Indian chamber of commerce is launching a bitcoin mining training program in 30 cities across India. The goal is to teach young people about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, crypto mining, and entrepreneurship to empower the rural population for self-employment. Also read: Japan’s DMM Bitcoin Exchange Opens for Business With 7 Cryptocurrencies

Australian Tax Agency Seeks Public Input Concerning Cryptocurrency Taxes

Taxes The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been researching how to formulate regulatory guidelines for taxing cryptocurrencies recently. This week the ATO is seeking input from Australian residents concerning how the country should tax digital assets. Also read: South Korean Exchange Paying Users to Report Illegal Crypto Schemes The Australian Taxation Office is Looking

Massachusetts Securities Regulator Shuts Down 5 ICOs

The state of Massachusetts has ordered five firms to cease all sales related to their Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). ‘But ICOs Only Under Regulatory Authority’ The state of Massachusetts’ top securities regulator, William Galvin, has put a stop to five companies’ Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), under the claim that such offerings fall into the category

4 Things You Need to Know About FOUR Tokens

The 4th Pillar’s FOUR token aims to be the first token to permanently serve users as a 100 percent utility token while remaining transparent on the blockchain. It provides access to professional identity verification-related services, in addition to serving as both the primary store of value and gas in a decentralized, token-based ecosystem. Here’s everything