‘Bitcoin Is The Future, Blockchain Is Bullshit’: Andreas Antonopoulos Preempts Consensus

Andreas Antonopoulos told conference members that “Bitcoin is the future and Blockchain is bullshit” days before the now-infamous Consensus 2018, it has emerged. Antonopoulos Champions Essential ‘Weirdness’ Speaking at the Polish Bitcoin Congress in Warsaw May 12, Antonopoulos, who has been a well-known Bitcoin advocate and educator since 2013, argued that Bitcoin’s “weirdness” and decentralization’s

LockTrip Set for $500,000 Airdrop

There is no better feeling than seeing crypto you bought for nominal fees turn into thousands overnight. Well, actually there is! Only one mind you – that is seeing cryptos you bought for a whopping sum of $0 turn into thousands. And with LockTrip’s huge airdrop just around the corner, it’s time to get ready

A London-Based Company Successfully Trademarks the Name ‘Bitcoin’

News Multiple reports and public filings have shown a UK-based firm called ‘A.B.C. IPHoldings South West’ has successfully acquired a trademark for the name ‘Bitcoin’. According to a merchant on Etsy, IP-Holdings sent a cease and desist order because they were selling Bitcoin-themed t-shirts. Also read: There’s a Bitcoin Themed Card Game On Kickstarter Called ‘Bitcon’

BTCC to Launch New Exchange Platform in June

Exchanges Chinese crypto company BTCC has announced it will launch an upgraded exchange platform next month. Initially, users will be able to trade BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC, and USD, with other currencies to be added later. BTCC returns with enhanced liquidity, faster deposits and withdrawals, and zero trading fees for the first three months. Also