Coinbase Gets $20 Billion Prime Client, Ads Back on Facebook

Exchanges Coinbase, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange already valued as high as $8 billion by itself, had a couple more additional positive developments recently. The company reportedly landed a $20 billion prime client and got its ads reinstated on Facebook. Also Read: The Weekly: New Regulations, Blackrock Probes Market, Coinbase Gets Into Politics $20 Billion

The Weekly: New Regulations, Blackrock Probes Market, Coinbase Gets Into Politics

The Weekly In this week’s daily editions of Bitcoin in Brief, we showcased stories about politicians trying to enforce their will on the cryptocurrency ecosystem around the world, thus pushing companies that are big enough to join the money-in-politics game. Also Read: Malta Stock Exchange to Develop Two New Platforms for Security Tokens Bitmain Expands

Bitcoin Futures Trading Up 93%, Reports CME Group

A recent tweet from CME Group, one of the first companies to offer bitcoin futures trading, reports that average daily trading volumes are up 93% and open interest surpassed 2,400 contracts, a 58% increase. There have been mixed opinions about the success of bitcoin-based futures options since their inception in December 2017, when Cboe Global

UK Police Can’t ‘Hodl’

Surrey Police has officially become the first UK police force to effectively seize and convert bitcoin. However, due to active legislation, the police sold the cryptocurrency just before its all-time-high.  Last year in April, Surrey Police seized 295 bitcoins held by now-convicted criminal Seregjs Teresko. The wrongdoer is serving more than nine years of jail

New BATM Supporting BTC, BCH Launches in Sofia

News A crypto teller machine exchanging a number of cryptocurrencies with fiat, including bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH), will be operational next week in a Sofia mall. The BATM is a two-way device that will accept euro, dollar and Bulgarian lev deposits. It will also buy cryptos and print paper wallets.   Also read: